Welder Mig

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Selecting a welder. Mig V.S Wire feed welding?

What is the difference between these two type. One uses gas and one doesn't that's all I know. PLEASE be very detailed. I want something that can weld exhaust tubing good. What would be best for that? Thanks

Best Answer...


Get a good higher end MIG and never look back.

I started with an 80/85 amp flux core wire welder when I was 17. I hated welding with that thing. I named it the splatter box. Once I learned how to weld and get a good bead, it was still an ugly bead with alot of splatter.

Also the flux core machines are very limited. You have 2 wire sizes .030" and .035". Most only has 1, 2 or 3 heat ranges that are pretty close together. Mine had low (80 amps) and high (85 amps). It would blow through thinner metals like sheet metal body work, some exhaust, etc Most can only be fitted with 1 or 2 lb spools of wire

5 years later I went to a hobart handler 140 amp mig with a 75/25% mig argon/c02 gas and solid wire. I love welding with this manchine. Heck I even look for things to weld. Every weld I lay down is a pretty, nice bead with no splatter or slag to clean up afterwards

It will turn down to 25 amps and turn up to 140 amp so I can weld with out blow through/burn through on thin sheet and thick steel for car frames, roll cages, etc.

Can use wire from .023" to .035". It will run a 1 to 10 lbs spool. I norm buy a 10 lbs spool of .030" solid wire for mine

Yes the overall price of a mig will be triple that of a flux core welder but WELL WORTH IT

I paid $450 for my welder, $175 for my filled argon bottle (big bottle, 140 cu. ft.) Gas fill up on bottle is around $40 each time but the large size bottle will last quite a while. I do a pretty good bit of welding and only go through 2 bottles of gas per year. The solid core wire is ALOT cheaper than the flux core wire