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Trrs video input on portable dvd player?

I have a portable dvd player that has a headphone-jack-looking video input for using the screen for things such as an xbox, but i cant find a cord that would fit the input! Please post a link if you find anything, thanks
I need the vga part to be female

Best Answer...


It sounds like you need one of these....,_3.5_mm_TRRS_to_Composite_Video_and_Stereo_Audio,_3_ft

Edited ... VGA? you didn't mention anything about VGA! I don't believe they make VGA type since the majority of people use composite video. If you need VGA to composite video you need something like this in addition to the cable ....

However if you are actually talking about the RCA connector, then all you need to do is get female to female adapters and that would solve your problem.